Backyard Parties

It’s Officially Summer, Let the Backyard Parties Begin!

Here are some tips when planning your backyard parties:

–  Host a potluck and assign a type of dish to each guest based on their last name

  • A to I – Bring salads, appetizers or bread
  •  J to S = Bring entrees, sides, or vegetables
  •  T to Z – Bring desserts or beverages

– Don’t have enough chairs? Ask guests to bring a lawn chair, or spread blankets around the yard and go true picnic style!

– Decorate on a budget, a few balloons can go a long way and a piñata is always something fun and bright. A piñata is also a great way to get all guests involved. You can fill the piñata with fun items from the dollar store like sunglasses, necklaces and hair bows, which will make for some entertaining photos later.

– Keep the bugs away:

  • Have some bug spray, or bug wipes on hand if guests want to use them
  • Put out a couple of citronella plants and or candles
  • Plug in some fans. Mosquitoes are not strong flyers so a little fan can go a long way with keeping the bugs away

–  Music for all ages! Create a playlist including great hits from back in the day, to fresh tunes from today, along with a few different genres like 70s rock, 90s pop and new country!

–  Entertain your guests young and old:

  • Snow Cones are always a big hit, the kids love them and they can even be made into “adult” snow cones with a splash of tequila, vodka or rum! Be creative in your combinations with lots of flavoured syrups to choose from.
  • Adults like bouncy castles too! Rent an inflatable for all our guests to enjoy. Obstacle courses, slides, gladiator jousting, giant inflatable twister and even sumo suits are sure to be a hit!

Be safe and have fun this summer. Contact Pascoe Rentals & Events to help make your backyard party one your guests will talk about for years to come!