Giant Inflatable Twister

Giant Inflatable Twister

Relive your childhood memories as you enjoy a giant Twister game. Our giant Twister unit is a great party game for adults and kids alike. (Please note this unit is not to be jumped on.)

$245 – 3 hour rental

Birthday Party Special – $145

Gladiator Jousting

Jousting In Action

Go back to the days of the gladiators as you enter this inflated arena to go head to head against your opponent. Be the first to knock your opponent off their pedestal with a jab from the jousting pole! For additional fun, add the giant boxing gloves for $75.

$340 – 3 hour rental

Birthday Party Special – $240

Sumo Wrestling Suits (Includes Gladiator Jousting)

Sumo Suits In Action
The Sumo Suits are a blast to play in and to watch. The opponents wear foam filled Sumo Wrestler Suits and try to pin their opponent inside the ring. Sumo Suits are for people taller than 5 feet. Not allowed for children.

$500 (Jousting & Sumo Wrestling Combo)

The Pascoe Rascal

The Dancing Pascoe Rascal

Dancing Sky Man, Flappy-Man, Crazy Arm Dude… to us, he is The Pascoe Rascal! Help promote your next event with this 20 foot fun flailing friend! He’s also great for entertaining children at parties, or for surprising someone turning a special age! Book him for your next event, he is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

$40 – full day rental

Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

Looking for a way to get back at your boss, principal or local politician? Make them take the plunge into icy cold water! Includes 6 soft balls.

$175 – full day rental

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga Go back to the days of your childhood with this giant version of the popular tower-making game, Jenga!
$50 – full day rental

Swiss Cheese Parachute

Swiss Cheese Parachute

Swiss Cheese Parachute (inc. 3 foam balls)

Tired of the same old ”cheesey” parachute games? Try the exclusive Swiss Cheese Parachute for a new twist on an old favorite. A hands-on, fun-filled way to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and group problem solving.

$40 – full day rental



Create excitement at your next party with Plinko! A great addition to any event, especially fundraisers, trade shows, and Stag & Does!

$40 – full day rental

Casino Games

Crown & Anchor

crownanchor$40 – full day rental

Poker Table Topper

poker$40 – full day rental


roulette$40 – full day rental

Black Jack

blackjack$40 – full day rental


craps$40 – full day rental