Super Snow Cones

May 2-4, May Long Weekend, Victoria Day…. Whatever you call it; to many of us it means a day off and signifies the unofficial start of summer.

With summer around the corner, many of us will be enjoying a popular and delicious cold treat… Snow Cones! Did you know Snow Cones can be served in many fun ways?!

Book your snow cone machine from Pascoe Rentals & Events for your next event. In the meantime, enjoy some fun Snow Cone ideas from our friends at Niagara Inflatables & Games, Inc.

Snow Cone Bar

Snow Cones are easy to make. Once you scoop the ice into the cone, just add syrup. If you have lots of flavours available, why not make it into a fancy snow cone bar and have your pool party guests deck it out the way they want it. It also frees you up to do other hosting activities. Kids can get creative and try whatever wacky combination of flavours they want.

snow cone bar

Fruity Cones

Why not add some frozen/chilled fruit to your cones. This way you add natural sweetness to your treats that are healthy too. Raspberry, Stawberry, Maraschino  Cherries, Grapes? You name it! This would be great with or without syrup.

A Raspado

Remember all those names that were at the top of this article. A raspado is a Mexican snow cone. It’s probably the most intense snow cone that you will ever make, so pay attention. You need chopped walnuts, shaved coconut, strawberries and sweetened condensed milk. In your cone, add a syrup if you choose, layer on the strawberries and walnut. Pour the condensed milk and sprinkle with the coconut shavings. Cruncy, cool and sweet!

Raspado en rapido. Image: @diningdivasaz / Instagram

Add Ice Cream to the bottom.

If you are serving your cones up in a cup add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom to add a creamy finish to your cone. Or you can add it to the top. When it comes to snow cones and ice cream. There are no rules.

Bunny Snow Cones

If you ever travel to the Caribbean, you may find these. Kids love them. If you manage to get a hold of these long narrow laundry scoops, you can use them to put bunny years on the top of your snow cones after packing them with ice.  Add two for bunny ears, five for a snow hand.


More than syrup.

These are the chocolate syrups of the snow cone world. They are delicious. After adding your syrup, make the flavour pop by adding condensed milk. You probably know of that one already. How about caramel? How about creme with orange syrup. MMM… creamsicle.

Not just for kids

As much as these ideas are great for kids, adults can have fun too. All of these tricks and treats work with your favorite liquor as well.

Safety First

Spring has officially sprung, the ground is clear of snow, the laughter of children fill the air.  It was a long winter and everyone is excited to be outside, enjoying the fresh air.  Spring is often the time we talk about safety; road safety, bike safety, boat safety, sun safety, swimming safety.  We need to include in the discussion bouncy castle safety.  Inflatable bouncer rentals are on the rise in the Nipissing region since Pascoe Rentals & Events, an inflatable rental business hit the
market a few years ago.

_LLD2863 croppedWhen renting a bouncy castle for your backyard party, it is important to rent from a company who is fully insured, sets up the inflatable properly and safely, and thoroughly explains the general safety rules that should be followed when using an inflatable device.  When the rules are being followed, inflatables are fun and safe!

Did you know that in Ontario, inflatables are governed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)?  Any inflatable device used at a public event must be TSSA licensed, and set up by a TSSA trained mechanic.

A public event is any event held by a municipality, festival, corporate, church, school, a private party held at a public venue, or an event on private property that has more than 100 guests.

Renting inflatables from a company that is not TSSA certified can put you at risk of liability in the case of an accident. Protect yourself and your guests by taking the time to be sure a company is TSSA certified with TSSA licensed units. Ask to see their TSSA license, be sure it is up to date and most important, ask to see the TSSA certificate for each inflatable you wish to rent.

tssa-certifiedIf you have any questions about TSSA, please feel free to give them a call 1-877-682-TSSA (8772), or call Pascoe Rentals & Events at 705-493-0074 and they would be happy to answer any questions.

Be safe and have fun this summer.

Keep Calm and Bounce On!



Carnival Fever

Pascoe Rentals & Events is proud to be hosting Carnival Fever, a carnival themed event for adults, in support of a local organization!

Release Your Inner Child and Play for P.L.A.Y.S.

North Bay, Saturday February 6, 2016 – On February 6, 2016, adults will have a chance to release their inner child and play at a carnival themed event in support of a local organization, called P.L.A.Y.S. – Parents Lending Autistic Youth Support.

P.L.A.Y.S. is a non-profit organization that provides youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder equal opportunities to participate in activities by providing group respite funding and developing new programs that best suit their needs. P.L.A.Y.S relies solely on donations to cover their programming and operating costs.

P.L.A.Y.S. is not only important to the youth who utilize the programs, but is also is extremely important to the parents who need the support from others who can relate. While no two families are the same, the feelings they experience in their journeys are very similar.

Co-founders Kim Cyr and Shannon Berger are two mothers who have children with autism. They both felt there was a need in the community for more programs, events and support for not only their autistic children but for the entire family. By creating P.L.A.Y.S. they developed an organization for families who experience the daily struggles of Autism Spectrum Disorder. They provide a wide range of programs and activities to youth on the Autism Spectrum, including qualified respite workers during the activities/programs, clubs, and events. P.L.A.Y.S. provides a safe place where kids can be kids, despite their disabilities, and a place where parents can relax and share their experiences with others who understand.

Andrea and Nathan Pascoe, owners of Pascoe Rentals & Events strongly believe in giving back to the community. They wanted to plan a fun event for adults, while supporting a very worthy cause. They are hosting Carnival Fever in support of P.L.A.Y.S., where adults can enjoy a night out with sumo suits, inflatable gladiator jousting, giant inflatable boxing, games such as Plinko and Crown & Anchor, popcorn, and cotton candy, a photo booth provided by Instant Mojo and music provided by Sellebration Productions.

“Our motto is We Provide Fun for Everyone” says Andrea Pascoe. “We decided it was time to provide some more fun to the adults in our community and we thought what would be more fun than a night of dancing, mixed with carnival games and sumo suits! Grown-ups need to let loose and have some fun too, and if we can provide that while supporting a wonderful, local organization (P.L.A.Y.S.), than why not!”

Carnival Fever is taking place on February 6, 2016 at the Elks Lodge. Doors open at 8:00 PM, tickets are $35 each and include a late lunch. Age of majority is required. Tickets can be purchased by calling Pascoe Rentals & Events at 705-493-0074 or email

carnival fever v2